New LCF/FP Advice Form

To:Anne GordonHead Office

I am pleased to advise you that I signed an agreement with a new FP / LCF on:

Name of Franchisee:  
Area Name:    
Signed with:  

No. of Inhabitants:  
Approval was given by HD/NC (as appropriate) on:  

Price:    Currency    
Amount due to Head Office:
Minimum Goals Year 1
Minimum Goals Year 2
Minimum Goals Year 3
Minimum Goals Year 4

Website details:
Requested E-mail address:

I confirm that a copy of the agreement will be immediately airmailed to Head Office together with copies of the marketing plan and P&L which were approved by HD/NC prior to signature on the agreement.
I understand that the FP or LC details will be entered into the website by Head Office (this does not apply in the case of Poland where they enter the details into their own website) on receipt of payment and a copy of the agreement.

Name of MF: