View862015-09-20 17:33:12157120Yan LUSuzhou[email protected]China
View852015-09-20 17:33:12155010Evgenia RogalevaEast Siberia[email protected]Russia
View842015-09-20 17:33:12154570Ildiko BalazsCanary Islands MF[email protected]Spain
View832015-09-20 17:33:12151920Daniel RepassyDaniel Repassy[email protected]Kazakhstan
View822015-11-21 23:58:03151241Anna TseluykoKrasnodar Krai MF[email protected]RussiaAnna Tseluyko34442155553355555555544Please, do include materials for Instagram. We're advertising widely through this network, but we didn't have enough materials matching to its format (e.g. short 15 seconds videos).
View812015-09-20 17:33:12148810Esperanza Lopez PascualCastillas- Leon y La Mancha[email protected]Spain
View802015-09-20 17:33:12148800Fernando Del ValleComunidad de Madrid MF[email protected]Spain
View792015-09-20 17:33:12148630Alexandra AndreiEast Romania HDE MF[email protected]Romania
View782015-09-20 17:33:12144270Ivana Zec BarasinMontenegro MF[email protected]Montenegro
View772015-09-20 17:33:12141120Head OfficeChina HD MF[email protected]China
View762015-09-20 17:33:12136600Inigo Blanco EstebanezNorth-West Spain[email protected]Spain
View752015-09-20 17:33:12131500Matrena KushkirinaFar East Federal Region[email protected]Russia
View742015-09-20 17:33:12130260Paola DaviaTriveneto HDE MF[email protected]Italy
View732015-09-20 17:33:12121370Evgeny AnanyevoRyazan, Vladimir & parts of East Moscow MF[email protected]Russia
View722015-09-20 17:33:12117160Zhang (Ellen) YuanHangzhou, Zhejiang[email protected]China
View712015-09-20 17:33:12116380Elizabeth Castillo RazuriLima MF[email protected]Peru
View702015-09-20 17:33:12113080Head OfficeAlbania MF[email protected]Albania
View692015-09-20 17:33:12110890Benaya DoronBenaya MF[email protected]South Korea
View682015-09-20 17:33:12107830Maria Rosaria SepeLazio MF[email protected]Italy
View672015-09-20 17:33:12105040Yi (Eve) LiXi'an City[email protected]China
View662015-09-20 17:33:12103770Harun DurmazWest Turkey[email protected]Turkey
View652015-10-15 15:16:40103661Andrea BarbarossaSardinia[email protected]ItalyAndrea343411332233The campaign was well organized, yet, in my opinion, it had a low impact outside HDE students and parents, considering the fact the campaign was firstly addressed to HDE students and no media impact outside.44444Interseting topic, actual, with strong impact to people434443Generally speaking, it was ok. Maybe a longer time could be more useful to achieve a larger audience, but I am not totally sure about itMore or less we followed the steps defined by HQ and the Italians MFsIn my opinion the campaign was ok for our LCs or LSs, but poor for having a big impact outside and maybe it could be a good moment to have a bigger resonance all over the worldIn my opinion rather than celebrate us among us, I would prefer a campaign with a bigger outside, I don't think soAs said above, the campaign was well prepared, but was mostly targeted on our students. In my opinion it is necessary to taget our campaign on people who don't know HDE
View642015-11-29 19:51:09100691Angelica Miguens AzuagaPuglia MF[email protected]ItalyAngelica Miguens Azuaga34331132442244434223434WE celebrated inside LCs and distributed materials in state and public schoolsnoarrange it with more time in advance, give all the participants a minimum reward (even a certificate of participation) maybe less expensive prizes but moremore brand awareness, try and find more local advertising channels locally, if you intend to present it at the MF conference try to make sure that everything is ready so we can implement and start working immediately, I think timing is the biggest problem
View632015-10-16 16:19:5198591Nina ViskovicBosnia & Herzegovina NF[email protected]Bosnia and Herzegovina35452344544354454554544
View622015-09-20 17:33:1297660Juan Carlos Miguel OltraCommunity of Valencia[email protected]Spain
View612015-09-20 17:33:1295750Yuriy & Natalia P'yetsWestern Ukraine MF[email protected]Ukraine
View602015-11-11 11:47:0295561Nina ZerjalSlovenia NF[email protected]SloveniaNina Zerjal35442244423455445434425We didn't have outdoor events, but we managed to get a radio interviewe, and some PR articles regarding the campaign in the newspapers/magazines, which actually opened the door with the same magazines for more possibilities of free ads.NO, this was more than great. I wish we had so many different materials for our regular courses, especially the new ones IBD, BBS)The HMW campaign was really good, especially because we received detailed instructions on execution and dates and everyone in the system was doing the same things at the same time - this really gave to parents and customers the feeling that we are a big international company, which is otherwise not so clearly evident. I would like to receive such instructions for newly introduced courses, too.I/my franchisees are now experienced in this and I'm sure we could gain more new contacts with this kind of campaign by advertising more the campaign. We did HMW mostly in our LCs and used it to gain PR articles. From this experience I decided to invest more in marketing and advertise it more.You did a great job and everybody was enthusiastic about it! Looking forward to the new campaign.
View592015-09-20 17:33:1294990Angela Sanchez RodriguezEast Andalucia MF[email protected]Spain
View582015-09-20 17:33:1293860Meng (April) LinUrban Ningbo City MF[email protected]China
View572015-09-20 17:33:1292250Weiqi (Claire) JiangShanghai MF[email protected]China
View562015-09-20 17:33:1289900Ling (Helen) HanKunming Area MF[email protected]China
View552015-09-20 17:33:1283280Marina GrekovaMoscow MF[email protected]Russia
View542015-09-20 17:33:1282960Bin (Bob) FuUrban Area of Wuhan MF[email protected]China
View532015-09-20 17:33:1282210Natalia PietsKiev-Oblast MF[email protected]Ukraine
View522015-09-20 17:33:1276740Angela Sanchez RodriguezWest Andalucia MF[email protected]Spain
View512015-10-15 17:20:0876731Stefania FillipSouth Eastern Romania MF[email protected]RomaniaStefania Filip343312445333The palm oil is not very common in Romania, so the subject was pretty hard to understand by the students (why shouldn't we consume some sorts of food, because they have palm oil in the ingredients). Nevertheless, they were attracted by the funny animals, the monkeys and this helped them be closer to the campaign. 32335212344The idea of HDE as an international brand was very well supported by this campaign. The subject has been very well received by the media. Yes, if announced with more time in advance, we could use it better (with more local PR, parents and children insights, special demo lessons in malls, or maybe partnerships with local NGO's).Please, announce it at least 2 months in advance. Please, select a more popular cause to support, if the campaign means to be social responsibility again. Popular subjects of social responsibility in Romania: children and families in need, air and water pollution, eating healthy (for children), cutting the mountain forests which allows a lot of flodings, and so on.
View502015-09-20 17:33:12770Yuliya LasserKharkov - Poltava MF[email protected]Ukraine
View492015-09-20 17:33:12760Monica CarpioEcuador Highlands MF[email protected]Ecuador
View482015-10-20 10:10:16751Danijela HaralovicCroatia NF[email protected]CroatiaDanijela Haralovic34442242434344455554425It would be great to have this kind of well organized and campaign full of marketing ideas and determined dates across the whole world for any of our products. Why don't we have a campaign for Flupe courses like this?
View472015-09-20 17:33:12730Anne LynchSicily MF[email protected]Italy
View462015-09-20 17:33:12720Nike EtiebetNigeria HDEE NF[email protected]Nigeria
View452015-10-26 13:22:33711Brunella EspositoCampania MF[email protected]Italymf campania22321111222243543114333
View442015-09-20 17:33:12690Murat GonulalanErken Yasta HDE MF[email protected]Turkey
View432015-09-20 17:33:12680Ron BenvenistiLombardia -North and East MF[email protected]Italy
View422015-11-11 12:50:07661CORNEL BARLEATransilvania MF[email protected]RomaniaCornel Barlea34342243443444554444444we have concentrated our focus only on the Online ChannelsNo, not at allSome parents were skeptical about the voting system. we would have expected to reach more potential students.we consider that this campaign was very well prepared and we had enough time to set up our national an local campaigns.
View412015-10-19 17:07:58641Giovanni MalgaroliPiemonte and Liguria MF[email protected]ItalyGiovanni Malgaroli34442244223244444424424
View402015-09-20 17:33:12630Goran DinovMacedonia MF[email protected]Macedonia
View392015-11-18 16:34:12621Ilaria InnatoAbruzzo and Molise MF[email protected]ItalyIlaria Innato325311143211The timeline of the Campaign was wrong. Starting in May-June was very useless, moreover we had not planned the campaign and a prevision of costs (i.e. on september/dec). so we had no much investments on it54245114213We need to set a budget. It was a splendid idea a strong and effective campaign, but if we don't invest money on it we couldn't have the results we need.
View382015-10-15 16:20:45601Alexandra PickelSan Marino and Le Marche MF[email protected]ItalyAlexandra Pickel34422242323255454412424In my area parents did not get involved at all. The microsite had teething problems but then ran well.More preparation timemore international noise from HD - involving maybe celebraties to get the word out
View372015-09-20 17:33:12590Ira WidderichEstonia MF[email protected]Estonia
View362015-09-20 17:33:12550Lorenza GamberiniMilan and Pavia MF[email protected]Italy
View352015-09-20 17:33:12540Mariana TorresPortugal NF[email protected]Portugal
View342015-09-20 17:33:12530Jason RussellEmilia-Romagna MF[email protected]Italy
View332015-10-21 21:01:26521Tilman HeitbrinkNiedersachsen MF[email protected]GermanyTilman Heitbrink342421423242Students liked it. Main topic was good but we coundn't launch it outside the LCs. Topic was in general great (my personal opinion) but connection with "30 years of HD" wasn't very clear.4334441444LCFs wanted more lead time - that was their main problem
View322015-09-20 17:33:12470Albena ZahmanovaBulgaria NF[email protected]Bulgaria
View312015-10-26 18:38:16441Katalin DeakSlovakia NF[email protected]SlovakiaKatalin Deák34442243343344445413421
View302015-09-20 17:33:12430Customer ServiceMexico Acting MF (HQ)[email protected]Mexico
View292015-11-11 18:48:26411Gisela BuschCologne MF[email protected]GermanyGisela Busch344312443232Due to having the information so late - it was not possible to prepare it well enough and distrubute informations. The cologne zoo showed interest, but was already booked month ago for any special activity. Only with the zoo - we would have been able to get press articles.54445412254A lot of parents did not want their kids video uploaded due to Facebook etc. They want to keep their children out of the media, especially after a lot of cases like NSA etc. German parents are very causions There was not enough time to do a lot of special activities. We tried to get the press and the Zoo, but as mentioned above to late. And time was to short to engage a lot of SET-Teachers or even the LCF´s. We procuded posters and certificates and informed parents with our email - newsletter and promoted it on our FB. no - marterials were goodTiming. We need more time to be able to translate the material, produce the props and lessons and find co-operations and activites. I am not sure. For now - I feel, that the existins students enjoyed the topic a lot. The topic in general, but also to be part of a big project. Parents were amazed on how we could teach something so"difficult" already to the little ones in English. It showed, what we and the kids are able to do togehter in English, as well as being more than just English.Pls give us 6 month ahead before the campaign starts.
View282015-10-14 22:28:57401Rubina MannRhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Rhine-Neckar Area[email protected]GermanyF. Ruina Mann34541254442355455413244It was a great campaign but too short notice to implement it fully.Make known a campaign is planned and what is entailed beforehand. Provide materials to be translated earlier.
View272015-09-20 17:33:12380Vera SchalhornWestfalen MF[email protected]Germany
View262015-10-15 18:26:14371Raffaele ForgioneTuscany and Umbria MF[email protected]ItalyRaffaele Forgione35553344423344544424444We asked to priduce a sticker to give to the students that partecipate to the campaign.I've already invest some time with Simon and shared some ideas about.
View252015-09-20 17:33:12360Barbora TosenovskaCzech Republic NF[email protected]Czech Republic
View242015-09-20 17:33:12350Birgit Mueller-KirschnerHessen MF[email protected]Germany
View232015-11-06 09:41:40311Vera ChubOdessa/Mykologiv MF[email protected]UkraineVera Chub & Tatyana Popova35552244444354455444444Much attention was paid to this campaign, apart from the lessons in the LCs we organized lessons in the open air, in the zoo which were almost two hours long and very successful, and attracted attention of many people from outside. They were impressed by our students speaking English. No, materials were very good and plenty.
View222015-09-20 17:33:12290Birgit Mueller-KirschnerNorth Bavaria MF[email protected]Germany
View212015-10-11 16:19:08281Barack ObamaNew York Test MF[email protected]USATest David34
View202015-10-16 17:31:09271Tatjana PetkovicSerbia MF[email protected]SerbiaPetkovic Tatjana232211222222Campaign was given too late to be able to allocate finances towards it, as we ran 2 parallel campaigns starting from April, related to 30 years and related to JWJ, so it was advertized through Facebook and site, and teachers talked to parents about it, some sent videos, but LCs did nto have free funds to invest into 3rd campaign as well. With resouces we had, we promoted it the best way we could.32443Marketing materials were great, just needed more time for preparation than we had. Topic I believe is not applicable in every country equally.414433I cannot comment on certain aspects as we were not able to fully participate. If we managed to do so, then I would be able to give my opinion on neutral points.Please give us info by December to be able to plan in and run it in April next year. Understanding between cultures and nations would be a nice topic.I don't know, as we were not able to participate in full.
View192015-09-20 17:33:12240Shai KorenIsrael HDE MF[email protected]Israel
View182015-11-11 14:56:34231Ekaterina KozakovaSt. Petersburg MF[email protected]RussiaKozakova Ekaterina34442244343323544313445Informing more in advance.
View172015-10-15 16:56:29221Szilvia MeszarosHungary NF[email protected]HungarySzilvia Meszaros355533555555For us it was very successful and useful. We have adopted a baby orangutan and tend to follow her life and use this campaign for many more years.55555555445NoNoI think this was well done! :)
View162015-10-20 10:50:25211Wilaipon EvansThailand NF[email protected]ThailandJump Start Co., Ltd34442243442244345423344Videos uploading is done by center's staff as parents are not willing to do it themselves.All LCs produced Hello My World banner size 180x75 cms., Translated letter and gave to parents., In Octpber 2015, we used Hello My World marketing materials with IKEA event to encourage children regarding environments concerns. NoIf we have more time to promote the campaign, we could contact more organizations to join the campaign.We reckon that many teachers were not motivated enough to do in class activities with students.
View152015-09-20 17:33:12200Heinz ArnoldDeutsche Schweiz MF[email protected]Switzerland
View142015-09-20 17:33:12190Head Office HQCyprus MF[email protected]Cyprus
View132015-09-20 17:33:12170Vera SchalhornDuesseldorf MF[email protected]Germany
View122015-11-10 15:08:22161Meena AthwaniCatalonia & Ebro MF[email protected]SpainMeena Athwani224111442233One campaign only is not enough for impact on student retention numbers, but if there are various actions in the year, the sum total of all create student fidelity.44554514455The only thing that didn't work with the campaign, at least at our end, was not enough time to work on it, to think of ways of communication and implication at all levels. What we loved best and seemed to provoke a positive reaction is that it was at an international level! Competing with other countries was highly motivating for those centres that did participate in this action.HQ did a great job in giving us all the tools for communication but I'm not sure we managed to get maximum out of it. I shall look now to see all our blog posts and press releases about the campaign and send them separately. The campaign was celebrated mainly with special lessons in the LC and the MF of Castillas created a video with the students. Copy was sent to our AM.This is one campaign where for the first time we could see that all details had been taken care of. In this area my evaluation is of Excellence.6 months planning time. We did receive criticism on the idea such as "with children dying of hunger do we need to save orangutans" and also, "this idea is old, it has been moving around for some time". There are always people unsatisfied with what we do so while I do not give great importance to this feedback, I do think it necessary for you to have it.Preparation time was not enough. It was presented too late to us and then for us to get the machine rolling was even more and by the time we got into it, it was all over. So the perception was one of lots of stress and pushing LCFs to do things but eventually this dwindled down to nothing much.:) Give us the concept and objetives at least 6 months before. I understand that this is difficult but if we want results, we need room for planning and implementation keeping in mind all other local and day to day issues of our clients.
View112015-09-20 17:33:12140Richard PowellBerlin MF[email protected]Germany
View102015-09-20 17:33:12130Armin RitschnyBaden-Wuerttemberg MF[email protected]Germany
View92015-10-20 16:03:26111Greg GrabiecWroclaw MF[email protected]PolandGrzegorz Grabiec34432244432134443524322
View82015-09-20 17:33:12100Joanna CesarzTychy MF[email protected]Poland
View72015-09-20 17:33:1290Marzena LataLublin MF[email protected]Poland
View62015-10-26 12:46:2581Michal JuzonGdansk MF[email protected]PolandMichał Juzoń34442244443344444422423
View52015-10-28 21:27:1771Dorota TereszczukWarsaw MF[email protected]Poland34442255444444555424444
View42015-09-20 17:33:1260Monika LaschkolnigAustria MF[email protected]Austria
View32015-09-20 17:33:1250Tilman HeitbrinkHannover MF[email protected]Germany
View22015-10-16 10:13:3841Armin Mun RitschnySouth Bavaria MF[email protected]GermanyArmin Ritschny34543355434244345414444
View12015-09-20 17:31:5530Richard PowellHamburg MF[email protected]Germany