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TT TTC/Seminar Feedback Form

Teacher Trainer[tt]
TTC / Seminar [ttc]
Course Dates [dates]
Course Location [location]
MF [mf]

1. Organization of Course 
Did the MF provide all necessary training materials for the TT? “Required Materials for a TTC”[1a]   [1a_com]
Did the CPs arrive prepared? Had they been informed in advance of their presentations and did they receive the relevant materials in ample time to prepare? [1b]   [1b_com]
Did the MF assist you with the timing (when/if needed)?[1c]   [1c_com]
2. Venue of TTC/Seminar 
Was the training held in a suitable venue?[2a]   [2a_com]
If the training was held in one of the MFs Learning Centres, please give the name of the LC and a brief description of the overall management? LC Name [2ba]
Description [2b_com]
Did the Learning Centre have ample teaching props? [2c]   [2c_com]
Was there the mandatory signage from the graphic catalogue, i.e. half wall, banner, Helen Doron sign outside the building, etc.?[2d]   [2d_com]
Did the Learning Centre have a pleasant atmosphere?[2e]   [2e_com]
Was the Learning Centre tidy?[2f]   [2f_com]
d the LC have an up-to-date Display Case?[2g]   [2g_com]
3. Accommodations 
Were you satisfied with the accommodation provided for you?[3a]   [3a_com]
4. Meals 
Was breakfast and dinner provided for you?[4a]   [4a_com]
Was vegetarian food available where necessary[4b]   [4b_com]
Were the CPs satisfied with the quality of food provided for lunch? (if relevant)[4c]   [4c_com]
5. Transportation 
Did the MF arrange for your transportation to and from the airport / train station?[5a]   [5a_com]
Did the MF arrange for your transportation to and from the Venue of the TTC/Seminar? [5b]   [5b_com]
6. Costs 
Did the MF reimburse you for travel costs; flight, train, taxi? [6a]   [6a_com]
Were you paid € 22 dinner allowance? (this only applies if you ate dinner on your own in the evening/s) [6b]   [6b_com]
Have all your costs been covered? If not, please state amount owed.[6c]   [6c _com]
Additional Comments and/or Feedback from you and/or CPs following the Course.[more]