MF Feedback TT Training

MF Full Name
Course Name
Course Date
Course Location
Teacher Trainer

1. Did the TT contact you in advance to discuss travel arrangements and accommodations?
  Yes   No     Comments
2. Were details of the CPs and presentations discussed between you and the TT in advance of the Training?
  Yes   No     Comments
3. Did the TT inform you of any extra materials she may need for the training? (aside from the mandatory materials required by MF)
  Yes   No     Comments
4. Was the TT well prepared for the TTC/Seminar?
  Yes   No     Comments
5. Were you present during the TTC or Seminar?
  Yes   No     Comments
6. Did the TT have to send any CPs home during the training?
  Yes   No     Comments
7. Were there other trainings or lessons taking place in the LC at the same time?
  Yes   No     Comments
8. Did the trainings begin on time?
  Yes   No     Comments
9. Did the TT keep to the time schedule?
  Yes   No     Comments
10. Did the TT invoice you for travel and allowance expenses before leaving? Was she reimbursed?
  Yes   No     Comments

General Evaluation Trainer's Qualities

1. Friendliness Very Good   Good   OK   Needs Improvement     Comments
2. Suitable attire Very Good   Good   OK   Needs Improvement     Comments
3. Enthusiasm Very Good   Good   OK   Needs Improvement     Comments
4. Ability to inspire Very Good   Good   OK   Needs Improvement     Comments
5. Professionalism Very Good   Good   OK   Needs Improvement     Comments
6. Did trainer encourage participation? Very Good   Good   OK   Needs Improvement     Comments
7. Positivity Very Good   Good   OK   Needs Improvement     Comments
8. Organization Very Good   Good   OK   Needs Improvement     Comments
9. Time Management Very Good   Good   OK   Needs Improvement     Comments

Additional Comments