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Please complete and submit this evaluation form once a year no later than 5th May. Your input is essential in assisting us improve our services for you. In completing these evaluations, kindly base your evaluation on the macro, rather than the micro. Should any of the parameters not be clear, feel free to contact your Customer Support Representative.

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Business Development and Support

Cooperation and Support from CSR/BD
Cooperation and Support from NC (If Applicable)
Is HDEE Your Sole Business
Profitability as MF
Have you Achieved Student Goals
Profitability as MF: Satisfaction With Profitability
Have You Reached Expected Profitability Taking Into Account Student Numbers Achieved
Latest Versions of MF Guidelines
MF Business Training (if taken in the last year)
Would you like an updated MF Business Training?
Latest Version of the LCF Guidelines
LCF Training (If you are authorised to conduct LCF training sessions)
HDEE Agreement Templates as a Basis For Your Lawyers
HDEE Branding Guide
HDEE Portal - availability of information
HDEE Corporate Website (www.helendoron.com)
Polly the Collie Website (www.englishpolly.com)
Super Nature Website (www.supernature1.com)
Teacher's Marketing Day (PowerPoint)
Selling LCFs (PowerPoint)
LCF Franchise Opportunity (PowePoint)
MF NewsLetter
News U Can Use
Teacher Forum
Better Business Guide: Exhibitions & Trade Fairs
Better Business Guide: Presenting to the Media
Better Business Guide: Creating a Learning Centre
Interwise Online Conferences (Technical and quality)
New HDEE Image Video - Parent / Teacher
New HDEE Image Video - Franchisee
New HDEE Image Video - Exhibition
Super Nature Image Video
Availability of New Products Within Expected Timeframe
Receipt of adequate Marketing Support for New Products